"One day the magic will come back - all of it. Everyone will be just like they were. The shadows will part and the skies will open wide. When he rises, everyone will see."

hey, i was thinking, i would’ve wanted to be an astronaut.
that a fact?
yeah. can you imagine being up there all by yourself? would’ve been cool. i’m just saying.

Get to know me meme — [1/5] favorite male characters: Joel Miller

            I’ve struggled a long time with s u r v i v i n 

j[Regarding his brother] 
jI believe his last words to me were 
"I  d o n ’ t  e v e r  w a n t  t o  s e e  y o u r  g o d d a m n  f a c e  a g a i n"

what kind of hero will you be?


Where was your bravery when we bled your wife and gutted your son?

become-belmont replied to your post “In a year filled with over-hyped and under delivering titles, Shadow…”

I really love that game but I have to admit that I got real tired of fighting millions of captains wherever I went. ;-;

Some of them were frustrating but I liked how they had different weaknesses so each fight wasn’t the same.  The whole sauron’s army mechanic was pretty cool as well.

The Dark Lord can hear all, but do you think he can feel?

Uruk- The Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor

this uruk is asking the real questions

I love it so much

Me too! Despite the “final boss” it was an awesome game. I really hope they make a sequel.

mattashi replied to your post “I care more about these mind controlled uruks than my mass effect 2…”

that game is making me mad, how can you kill 20 uruks or orcs whatever they are in 2:00 minutes or kill the warchief when they keep sounding the alarm

I save an arrow or two to plug the alarm guy in the leg.  If the alarm does get sounded you can always run away and attack when things have settled down.

To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive. Savage Starlight. The comic I’ve been reading? It’s what the hero says after a big battle.”